Friday December 15

Friday December 15

Is your child interested in participating in an after school club? Click here to read about WINTER ENRICHMENT CLUBS starting in January!

Save the Dates 12/22/23 & 1/2/24 are Pajama Days!


The District may implement its automated telephone communication system at any time. This communication enables administration to reach thousands of phone numbers in a matter of minutes. This system is used to communicate emergency information, including but not limited to inclement weather closings, early dismissals due to inclement weather or other such emergencies that are deemed important by the District.

In such instances, parents or guardians will need to have emergency accommodations in place. This information is pulled from the Genesis Parent Portal. Parents should log into the Genesis Parent Portal and click on the Contacts tab at the top of the screen. Once on the contact screen, the parent can add or update their phone numbers. The important part is to set the Notification flags (Emergency and Non-Emergency). Once done, click the “Save All Changes” button.


Introducing HIBster

The district has moved from paper reporting for potential Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) incidents to a digital platform, HIBster. When you click on this link, which is also available on our district website under Anti-Bullying Information, you'll be walked through a definition of HIB before being able to proceed. If you submit a report, it will be routed to the appropriate school. If the incident does not meet the HIB criteria based on the definition provided, you would follow your school's procedure for reporting a behavior or Code of Conduct incident. For questions specific to HIBster, contact your building's Anti-Bullying Specialist or our district's Anti-Bullying Coordinators, listed here.


Additional HIB resources are available on the district website, under Anti-Bullying Information, including:

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Thursday 12/21 - Winter Class Party

Friday 12/22- Early Release- Winter Break (Pajama Day)

M-F - 12/25-12/29- Winter Break 

Monday  1/1- New Year’s Day 

Tuesday 1/2 -  Pajama Day 

Friday 1/12- Early Release- Staff PD

Monday 1/15- No School - MLK B’day