Welcome to the Brooks Crossing & Deans NEW PTO Page!!!

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Brooks Crossing!

Brooks Crossing PTO Mission

     The mission of the Brooks Crossing PTO is to be an ever-present advocate for the needs and welfare of the students of both the Brooks Crossing campus and the Deans campus. This organization will serve as a connective link between the school and the families of its students, providing educational information and fostering a sense of community among all. The PTO will raise funds as needed to provide supplemental education resources to the school.


PTO Executive Board for 2018-2019

Ena Bedi, President                                                      Shazia Zirvi, Co-Vice President Fundraising

Sripriya Natarajan, Vice-President Events                   Heather Zaccarelli, Co-Vice-President Fundraising

Lynn Maiorano, Secretary                                           Moushumi Joshi, Treasurer

Trupti Rane, Bylaws Specialist


For more information or to volunteer, please connect with us:




PTO Welcome and Membership Form.pdf

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