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At Brooks Crossing, we work to provide our students with strategies for using the internet safely. Using the internet is a wonderful resource for students to access a great deal of information that is critical to their learning experience, but we want them to be aware of the risks associated with it.

internet safetyHow do we provide our students with the learning opportunities that the Internet offers while minimizing the risks associated with it?

The solution is a combination of common sense, good teaching, and a supportive learning environment. Listed below are a few strategies that we have in place for maintaining on-line safety at Brooks Crossing.

  • Our Acceptable Use Policy Agreement is a contract, signed both by the student and his/her parent/guardian, outlining the conditions under which students may use the computer/internet for the school year. The contract spells out our expectations and consequences for violating the contract.
  • Students are to use the internet under supervision only.
  • Hotlists are frequently used with students. Hotlists are web pages created by teachers that include hyperlinks to kid friendly, teacher approved websites.
  • The home page on all computers is Yahooligans, a kid friendly search engine.
  • Kid Friendly Search Engines are bookmarked on all computers, as well as posted on our Media Center Website.
  • Students are not permitted to type in a URL address unless they are under the supervision of their teacher.
  • A positive learning environment has been established that encourages communication and respect.
  • Chat rooms, personal emailing and instant messaging are not permitted unless under the direct supervision of their teacher.
  • Student photographs are rarely published and only published on the internet with parent/guardian permission and are never pictured with their name.
  • Student last names, or any other personal information, are not published on the internet.
  • Field trip locations and times are not published on the internet.

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Have your child use the Brooks Crossing Website to research information...
If your child is researching information, have him/her use the Media Center Resources that he/she uses in school.

Internet Safety Rules!

* Always make sure your child is using the internet in an area where you can monitor activity and that he/she is using approved websites.

* Always make sure they do not give out ANY personal information, such as name, phone number, photograph, address, school, etc. Have your child understand that if they come across any information that is not appropriate that they will tell you right away.

* Talk with your child to set up rules for going online. Decide together upon the time of day that your child can be online, the length of time he/she can be online, and appropriate areas for your child to visit. Discuss your agreements and be sure your child is aware of any consequences for breaking them.

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